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We reccomend that all Buyers speak with a Mortgage broker before they begin their home search.  By taking this step first, it helps you understand the criteria of home that is within your reach.   Also, you can clear up any issues with your credit BEFORE you are in the middle of negotiations.  

MLS Access
We have access to 2 MLS systems.  The first is Metrolist which is based in denver and serves most of the front range.  The second is IRES which serves  all of Northeast Colorado.  Using an agent that has access to both systems is very benefical for Buyers, so they don't miss anything that comes on the market.

Financing is a major part of buying your first home.  Use the links on this page to discover the different available programs.  We work with lenders that are  experts with a wide variety of loan programs.  With a short disscussion, we can point you in the right direction for financing, in turn saving your time and a great ammount of legwork.

Off-Market Properties
We have an extensive knowledge of the Carbon Valley market.  We can usually point you in the direction of homes that are not found on the MLS.  Weather it be foreclosures at the Public Trustee sale each week, new builds, or FSBO's, we know of more on the market than simply whats in the MLS. 

These Lenders have proven to me that they KNOW what they are doing!

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